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July 17, 2008
  Dear Friend of Eight,  

We're seven months away from the February 17th digital transition date. Is your household prepared for the change? What about your family and friends? Feel free to forward this newsletter, links to past newsletters, or any information found on the azpbs.org/digital pages.

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Brendan McEvoy
Brendan McEvoy

Awareness of DTV transition reaches 91 percent in Arizona

A National Association of Broadcasters poll revealed that 91 percent of consumers in Arizona know about the switch to digital on Feb. 17, 2009.

An estimated 369,580 homes in Arizona rely exclusively on over-the-air television, according to the survey, meaning they watch free TV broadcasts using rabbit ear or rooftop antennas. These households will need to take steps in order to have television reception after Feb. 17, 2009 — when all full-power stations must begin broadcasting only digital signals.

If you, or someone you know in Arizona, relies on over-the-air television, we invite you to use Eight's online tool at azpbs.org/digitalsolution to find out how to prepare. Your DTV transition solution depends on (a) where you live, (b) the kind of television you own, and (c) how you receive television signals. Eight's online tool asks these three questions and provides an answer specific to your circumstances. Get your digital solution today.

Don't let your coupons expire
Converter Box Coupon

If you've received digital converter coupons, check their expiration date. The coupons are only valid for 90 days. Check out the government's coupon-usage statistics — many coupons are expiring without being redeemed.

Need more help?

Eight's goal is to reduce the confusion surrounding the DTV transition. If you have DTV questions, check Eight's Frequently Asked Questions, e-mail us at AskEight@asu.edu or call Eight's viewer services at 480.965.2308.

You can also read past editions of the Eight Digital Broadcasting e-newsletter online.


Q: Why did the salesman at the local electronics store require me to tell him the year of make and model of my TV set before he would sell me a digital converter box?

A: That's a hard one to answer because you should be able to purchase any electronics product you desire without having to reveal any other product information. To give the salesman the benefit of the doubt, perhaps he was trying to determine your specific needs in order to provide you with the best product solution. As we know, digital solutions vary from household to household.

Bottom line: If you feel pressured at a retail store, feel free to walk out. You may be encouraged to buy a new TV, a new antenna, or any number of accessory items, but if the company cannot provide you with what you want, then you should leave.

About Eight Digital Broadcasting

Today, over-the-air (OTA) households equipped to receive a digital television signal in Maricopa County and most of Pinal County can enjoy Eight's three digital channels: Eight HD (8.1), Eight Create (8.2) and Eight World (8.3). For some cable households, Eight HD is available on Cox 708 and Qwest Choice 308; Eight Create is on Cox 80; and Eight World is on Cox 88. Check with your cable service provider for more information.

Check out the full schedule for Eight's digital channels.

  Eight HD
Programs featured below are broadcast with improved picture and sound quality and can be seen on digital channel 8.1 with an antenna, or on Cox 708 or Qwest Choice 308.
Eight HD schedule
Stevie Nicks
Stevie Nicks
Part one: Friday, July 18 at 10pm
Part two: Friday, July 25 at 10pm
See the radiant Phoenix native in her first filmed solo performance since 1987. Nicks performs "Stand Back," and other greats from her comprehensive career retrospective album, Crystal Visions.
Monterey Bay Aquarium
Oceans in Glass: Behind the Scenes of the Monterey Bay Aquarium
Sunday, July 27 at 8pm
Find out the science behind the magic of on of the most significant and spectacular aquariums in the world. Each of the animals here has a story to tell; one animal in particular is drawing world-wide attention—a great white shark.
  Eight Create
Saturday's lifestyle, cooking, travel and how-to marathons can be seen on digital channel 8.2 with an antenna or on Cox 80.
Eight Create schedule
Vicki Payne
All That Glitters
Saturday, July 19
Join Eight Create's craft mavens, Vicki Payne, Sloan Payne-Rutter and seamstress Sue Hausmann, as they show you how to add a little "twinkle" to your home furnishings, arts and craft projects and jewelry.
Andreas Viestad
Down on the Farm
Saturday, July 26
Open your eyes to what goat farms, pig farms and even a gator farm have to offer your tasty recipes as we visit these unusual places with culinary gurus, including Andreas Viestad and Chefs Caprial and John Spence.
  Eight World
PBS' award-winning public affairs programs and documentary series can be seen on digital channel 8.3 with an antenna or on Cox 88.
Eight World schedule
Beijing, Are You Ready?
Friday, July 18 & 25 at 6pm & 6:30pm
Find out how Beijing is preparing for the 2008 Olympic Games. Each half-hour episode explores how the city and its people are being affected and invigorated by the first-ever Olympic Games held in China.
Gerald Ford
Presidential Conversations on the Constitution
Gerald Ford
Wednesday, July 30 at 9pm
See Cokie Roberts' interview with the late Gerald Ford about the pivotal, and very personal, relationship between the president and the Constitution. (Jimmy Carter episode on Aug. 13 at 9pm)

Our complete schedule is always available online.

Schedules for Eight HD (8.1), Eight Create (8.2) and Eight World (8.3) are always available online.

Any digital questions? Write to AskEight@asu.edu.

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