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August 18, 2008
  Dear Friend of Eight,  

This month, PBS kicks off its political convention coverage. The NewsHour team will canvas the eight days like no other TV network. You can watch the coverage live and in high definition on Eight HD (8.1) beginning Monday, Aug. 25 at 5 p.m. But if you miss any part of the broadcast, you can catch the nightly repeat airing on Eight World (8.3) at 9 p.m. Just another example of how digital television will make watching TV more viewer-friendly.

Thanks for supporting Eight and Eight Digital Broadcasting.


Brendan McEvoy
Brendan McEvoy

DTV transition is drawing near

We are now less than six months away from television's "digital transition."

After Feb. 17, 2009, broadcast television stations will only transmit digital TV signals. Digital television (DTV) is a reality for many homes right now.

You have three options to choose from in order to watch digital television:

  1. Purchase a digital-to-analog converter box and continue to watch your old analog TV using an antenna, such as "rabbit ears" or a rooftop antenna.
  2. Subscribe to a Pay TV service, such as cable or home satellite.
  3. Buy a new digital television set.

If you're confused about the digital transition, use Eight's online tool to find your digital solution. If you have additional questions, send an e-mail to AskEight@asu.edu or call Eight's Viewer Services at 480.965.2308.

Encourage your friends and family to visit azpbs.org/digital and to sign up for Eight Digital Broadcasting's monthly e-News.

Many Households Enjoy DTV today

Many over-the-air (OTA) households in Maricopa and Pinal Counties are equipped to receive digital signals using an antenna. These TV's can enjoy Eight's four digital channels:

  • Eight HD - digital channel 8.1 using an antenna (also on Cox 708 and Qwest Choice 308),
  • Eight Create - digital channel 8.2 using an antenna (also on Cox 80),
  • Eight World - digital channel 8.3 using an antenna (also on Cox 88), and
  • Eight/KBAQ - digital channel 8.4 using an antenna (offering audio from KBAQ 89.5 FM with a video slideshow)

Check out the full schedule for Eight's digital channels.


Q: I live in Flagstaff. When will I receive Eight's digital channels?

A: That's a hard one to answer. Non-cable homes in Flagstaff receive Eight from a translator transmitter (specifically K14KK, Channel 14). The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is not requiring translators to make the digital switch on February 17.

Digital Coverage MapAt this time, none of Eight's translators will be converted to digital broadcasting by February 17. You can find a list of Eight's translators here.

Eight's digital signals currently broadcast across Maricopa and Pinal Counties. You can see Eight's digital coverage map here. As soon as the FCC gives us permission, and we acquire sufficient funding, we will begin work on converting the translators Eight owns and operates.

If you use an antenna to receive television, you should take advantage of the government's coupon program and purchase a digital converter box with analog pass-through (also called RF pass-through). This type of digital converter box will allow you to receive your current analog TV signals as well as any future digital upgrades to your area.

Need more help?

Eight's goal is to reduce the confusion surrounding the DTV transition. If you have DTV questions, check Eight's Frequently Asked Questions, e-mail us at AskEight@asu.edu or call Eight's viewer services at 480.965.2308.

You can also read past editions of the Eight Digital Broadcasting e-newsletter online.

  Eight HD
Programs featured below are broadcast with improved picture and sound quality and can be seen on digital channel 8.1 using an antenna, or on Cox 708 or Qwest Choice 308.
Eight HD schedule
History Detectives
History Detectives
Mondays at 9pm
Don't miss America's top gumshoes as they prove once again that an object found in an attic or backyard might be anything but ordinary. They leave no stone unturned as they travel around the country to explore the stories behind local folklore, prominent figures and family legends.
PBS Vote 2008
PBS Convention Coverage
Democratic Convention
Monday, Aug 25 through Thursday, Aug. 28 at 5pm
Republican Convention
Monday, Sept. 1 through Thursday, Sept. 4 at 5pm
Join The NewsHour team for gavel-to-gavel convention coverage featuring newsmaker interviews, political analysis and historical perspective from the nation's most trusted news source.
Re-broadcast nightly at 9 p.m. on Eight World (8.3).
  Eight Create
Saturday's lifestyle, cooking, travel and how-to marathons can be seen on digital channel 8.2 using an antenna or on Cox 80.
Eight Create schedule
Todd English
Milkin' It
Saturday, August 23
Enjoy rich dairy comfort food, including New York style pizza, goat cheese and macaroni and cheese, with chefs Caprial and John Spence, Todd English (left), Andreas Viestad and Hubert Keller.
Rick Bayless
Just for Fun
Saturday, August 30
Hang out with Burt Wolf and see what Atlantic City and Monopoly have in common. Then, it's time to party with Rick Bayless (left) in Mexico. Next, we leave behind the typical tourist spots in Europe to enjoy a hot air balloon and a mountain luge ride.
  Eight World
PBS' award-winning public affairs programs and documentary series can be seen on digital channel 8.3 using an antenna or on Cox 88.
Eight World schedule
Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson: Good, Evil and the Presidency
Tuesday, Aug. 19 at 9pm
Find out if Americans should celebrate Jackson or apologize for him. He fought in the Revolutionary War at 13, killed a man over a gambling debt, led the army to a surprising victory at the Battle of New Orleans, but he also led an unauthorized invasion of Florida and wrested vast regions from Native Americans.
The Judge and the General
The Judge and the General
Wednesday, Aug. 20 at 9:30pm
Chilean judge Juan Guzmán supported General Augusto Pinochet's 1973 coup — waged as an anti-Communist crusade — that left thousands dead, including democratically elected president Salvador Allende. In 1998, Guzmán was assigned the first criminal cases against Pinochet (now the country's ex-dictator) and he descended into what he calls "the abyss," where he uncovers his own role in the tragedy.

Our complete schedule is always available online.

Schedules for Eight HD (8.1), Eight Create (8.2) and Eight World (8.3) are always available online.

Any digital questions? Write to AskEight@asu.edu.

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