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March 20, 2009
  Dear Friend of Eight,  

It's official! On Wednesday night, April 29, at 11:59 pm, Eight will shut off its analog transmitter on South Mountain in Phoenix and transmit only digital television (DTV) to Maricopa and Pinal counties.

This analog shutoff will not affect people across Arizona who watch analog Eight via a translator station.

Nor does the analog shutoff affect anyone in the Phoenix area who has a digital TV set (or a recording DVD unit) with a digital tuner, or TV's connected to a Pay TV service like cable or satellite.

Eight is still awaiting approval from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to switch our digital broadcast frequency from UHF Channel 29 to UHF Channel 8. We hope to have a decision soon, and will explain more in April's e-News edition about Eight Digital Broadcasting.

Digital television is available now in Maricopa and Pinal counties, and we've got great programs for you in high-definition on Eight HD, and in standard-definition on Eight Create and Eight World.


Brendan McEvoy
Brendan McEvoy


It's reported that 417 TV stations shut off their analog transmitters on February 17. Another 158 stations have told the FCC they will switch before June 12, 2009.

So far in Arizona, KCFG (America One - Flagstaff), KMOH (MTV Tr3s - Kingman), KTAZ (Telemundo - Phoenix) and KPPX (Ion - Phoenix) have retired their full-power analog transmitters.

Eight will turn off its analog transmitter on April 29.

At this time, the remaining Phoenix stations will turn off their analog transmitters on June 12 — KASW (CW 6), KAZT (Independent 7), KNXV (ABC 15), KPAZ (Trinity 21), KPNX (NBC 12), KPHO (CBS 5), KSAZ (Fox 10), KTVK (Independent 3), and KUTP (My Network 45).

Again, this only affects analog TV's using antennas in Maricopa and Pinal counties. Translators across the state will remain analog (although KSAZ's translator in Prescott, K39IT-D, is now digital).

Eight is still seeking funding to digitally upgrade our statewide network translators. Your support is always appreciated. Thank you.

FCC Rules

The FCC has set up services and guidelines to educate the public about the analog shutoff. One requirement is the creation of walk-in help centers to assist people with:

  • coupons to obtain converter boxes
  • converter box set up
  • antenna information and reception tips
  • and more

You can obtain information and help about DTV topics, specific to your zip code, at https://dtvsupport.fcc.gov/dtvtools.


Q: Is the converter box coupon program back, and are the coupons still free?

A: Yes! The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) is accepting applications for coupons and sending them first-class mail (so your wait time should be shorter). Converter box coupons are free. There have been reports of scam artists taking personal information from individuals and charging for the coupons. Consumers do not need to provide a phone number, social security number or any other personal information when applying for a coupon.

PS - if your coupons expired, the NTIA is still working on a reapplication process, and an announcement should be made in a few weeks.

Thinking about buying an HDTV?

CNET, known for their expertise in technology and consumer electronics, offers this buyer's guide.

A new digital TV set does not need a digital converter box, but as Scott Greczkowski writes, not everyone knows the details about their new HDTV set.

Maricopa and Pinal Counties enjoy Eight Digital Broadcasting today

Today, over-the-air (OTA) households equipped to receive a digital television signal in Maricopa County and most of Pinal County can enjoy Eight's three digital channels: Eight HD (8.1), Eight Create (8.2) and Eight World (8.3). For some cable households, Eight HD is available on Cox 708 and Qwest Choice 308; Eight Create is on Cox 80; and Eight World is on Cox 88. Check with your cable service provider for more information. DirecTV is now transmitting Eight HD and several other Phoenix HD channels.

Check out the full schedule for Eight's digital channels.

Need more help?

Eight's goal is to reduce the confusion surrounding the DTV transition. If you have DTV questions, check Eight's digital Web site, e-mail us at AskEight@asu.edu or call Eight's viewer services at 480.965.2308.

You can also read past editions of the Eight Digital Broadcasting e-newsletter online.

  Eight HD
Programs featured below are broadcast with improved picture and sound quality and can be seen on digital channel 8.1 using an antenna, or on Cox 708 or Qwest Choice 308.
Eight HD schedule
Extreme Ice
Extreme Ice
Tuesday, March 24 at 8pm
A scientific team deploys time-lapse cameras in risky, remote locations in the Arctic, Alaska and the Alps to create a photo archive of melting glaciers in hopes of understanding their runaway behavior. The melting ice could lead to rising sea levels that could displace millions of people everywhere.
Sick Around America
Sick Around America
Tuesday, March 31 at 9pm
As the worsening economy leads to massive job losses—potentially increasing the ranks of the tens of millions of Americans without health insurance—FRONTLINE travels the country examining the nation's broken healthcare system and exploring the need for a fundamental overhaul.
  Eight Create
Saturday's lifestyle, cooking, travel and how-to marathons can be seen on digital channel 8.2 using an antenna or on Cox 80.
Eight Create schedule
Bill Stubbs
Moment of Luxury
Saturday, March 21
Travel the world with interior designer Bill Stubbs. Bill's journeys inspire and show you how to recreate styles from around the world for your home on a much smaller budget.
Vicki Payne
Crafty Ladies
Saturday, March 28
Beautify your home with Katie Brown, Vicki Payne (left) and Sloan Rutter; get cooking with Lidia Bastianich, Julia Child and Daisy Martinez; paint and sew with Donna Dewberry and Nancy Zieman.
  Eight World
PBS' award-winning public affairs programs and documentary series can be seen on digital channel 8.3 using an antenna or on Cox 88.
Eight World schedule
Lakshmi and Me
Independent Lens
Lakshmi and Me
Wednesday, March 25 at 5pm & 10pm
Lakshmi has been working for Nishtha as a maid for six years in Mumbai. In a culture in which servants are often treated as social inferiors, Nishtha begins making a film with Lakshmi. Over a year of unexpected changes, the process of filming influences their relationship.
To Market To Market To Buy a Fat Pig
To Market To Market To Buy a Fat Pig
Friday, March 27 at 6pm & 11pm
From what may be the oldest market in America in Lancaster, Penn., to Santa Monica, Calif., Rick Seback, meets the people who grow our food and shows viewers the fresh opportunities that are found in markets everywhere.

Our complete schedule is always available online.

Schedules for Eight HD (8.1), Eight Create (8.2) and Eight World (8.3) are always available online.

Any digital questions? Write to AskEight@asu.edu.

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